They set alight souls - Print of Art piece A4

They set alight souls - Print of Art piece A4

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This original artwork created by the founder and owner of Highland Crystals, Kate Dodt... encapsulates They set alight souls... 

“When you burned the witches, you thought what you did was small.

But the flames gave birth to ideas, and the ideas set alight souls.

For every witch you burned, there are now a thousand witch women living differently and standing tall.

And you may have burned some of us, but you will never destroy us all” - Nikita Gill


Kate primarily works with the raw effect of greyscale in her artwork, with emotional and provoking bursts of bright, fresh colour. She chooses watercolour as her medium, as it is as free flowing, and unpredictable as the emotions that pour into her pieces.


*This listing is for an A4 size original painting on 300gsm watercolour paper.