The Studio

The Highlands Healing studio is women's only studio situated in a dedicated space, on a peaceful 10 acre Mediterranean property in the beautiful rural town of Prenzlau, Qld.

-Abhyanga Full Body Massage
-Indian Head Massage
-Shirodhara Massage

-Marma Point Massage
-Hot Stone Crystal Massage
-Chakra Balancing Crystal Massage
-Body Exfoliating & Hydration
-Tarot Reading
-Reiki/Crystal/Sound Healing
-Infrared Sauna Therapy
-Detox Wood Therapy
-Spray Tanning
-Gel Toenails

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This grand Mediterranean style retreat allows you to become lost in the tranquility, and quiet... surrounded by the beautiful gardens, fountains, and horses on the property.

The healing room itself, has been designed with your comfort, security, privacy, and relaxation in mind. Lit by the soft glow of salt lamps, the gentle scent of healing oils, and magical sounds... this is your space to let go, your space to heal, your space to grow, and your space to allow yourself the time and opportunity to unwind and rejuvenate... judgment free.

I am fully insured, hold appropriate qualifications, and am registered.

Sauna Safety, preparation, and aftercare:

-Please stay hydrated before, during, and after your treatment session. Water, and coconut water is available in the sauna room fridge which is included in the price for your session, although hydration before and after is also highly recommended.

-Do not use the sauna if you have open wounds, abrasions, are pregnant, have gastroenteritis/vomiting/stomach flu/nausea/cardiovascular conditions, are on blood thinning medications, have a pacemaker or defibrillator, haemophiliacs, have any chronic conditions or diseases associated with a reduced ability to sweat or perspire, an insensitivity to heat, a fever, a joint injury that is less than 48 hours old, or are intoxicated.

-Do not sleep in the sauna.

-It is recommended to remove jewellery before entering the sauna, as it may tarnish. -Use of mobile phones and other electronics is not recommended in the sauna. -If you are feeling dizzy or lightheaded, please exit the sauna immediately, and sit down in the chairs provided.

Ayurveda Massage Info

Ayurveda Massage is a traditional Indian offering, and consists of thorough, personalized treatment, using a unique combination of therapeutic and beauty elements, to work with both the physical... and ethereal body.

Ayurveda massages focus heavily on the use of traditional Indian mixtures of warm, herbalised, medicated oil application to relax, rejuvenate, encourage energy flow through the body and mind, and reduce waste accumulation in the body. The application and ingredients of the medicated oils, are seen of equal importance, as the actual massage strokes themselves.

During your appointment, a consultation will determine your Dosha (your mind-body constitution). This will determine what carrier oils, medicated oils, and essential oils are used during your treatment, and a specific oil will be custom mixed, exclusively for you, to use on you during the massage.