Memberships, Rewards, & Programs

Highlands offers 2 beautiful wellness plans to choose from... both of which ensure you can enjoy monthly treatments here in the studio to re-balance, relax, and rejuvenate... all at a discounted price!
Our perfect 'Highlands Essential' Wellness Plan, and
our luxurious 'Highlands VIP' Wellness Plan.
Highlands also offers a 'Month Ahead' monthly email tarot reading membership.
Let's have a look into all the memberships...
Click here for more information on, or to easily sign up to the 'ESSENTIAL WELLNESS PLAN' through the trusted PayPal link (you don't need a PayPal account to sign up to the membership, you can process as a guest):

Click here for more information on, or to easily sign up to the 'VIP WELLNESS PLAN' through the trusted PayPal link (you don't need a PayPal account to sign up to the membership, you can process as a guest):

These readings are designed to tap into the current energies and vibrations in your life... to delve into what to expect in the coming month, and how to navigate the month.

These readings will highlight any challenges, wins, changes in energy, unexpected happenings within the next month, and anything else that wants to be shown at the time. Guidance is given to help you navigate the month.

My readings are guidance based, and as such... are designed to assist you in navigating challenges, decisions, choices, worries, concerns, and directions in your life.

I am here to share this space with you, and aim to provide you with clarity, guidance, and healing.


You will receive email reading (approx 1 - 2 typed pages) with a beautiful image of your card layout and reading space, on the 1st of every month directly to your inbox

Click here for the 'Month Ahead' tarot membership -
Let me be your spiritual big sister... your own spiritual and wellbeing personal assistant and sidekick!
Do you feel alone... and would you benefit from support to make it through each month... but can't make it into the studio for treatments? Or perhaps you come in for treatments but need extra support inbetween?
I am here to help you! To be by your side, navigating you through each month. You are not alone.
My job... through a lifetime of experience, study, and passion... is to help you to interpret the signs and messages that the universe is sending you, provide guidance deliver healing, and to give you recommendations for physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing to help you glide through each month with ease.
Whenever you need advice, support, and recommendations... let me ease the burden of every day life, and unlock the answers. I've got you!
Together, we can make each month run smoothly for you by delving into any of the following:
-Distance Tarot Readings
(1 in-depth reading per month, or 1 card daily advice pull)
-Distance Reiki Healings (1 session per month)
-Dream Interpretations
-Animal Messenger Interpretations
-Symbology and Nymerology Interpretations
-Essential Oil Recommendations for daily activities
-Crystal Recommendations for daily activities
-Ayurveda Diet, Lifestyle, and Exercise Recommendations
-Guided Meditation Recommendations
-Herbal Tea Recommendations
-Manifestation/Cleansing Rituals (1 per month)
-Treatment Recommendations
-Daily Check-Ins and Support
-Discounts on In-Person Treatments
(all in-person treatments 20% off)
You will have access to me through my exclusive Spiritual Big Sister email address, in which you can contact me at any time to let me know where you're at... and what I can do for you.
Click here for the 'Spiritual Big Sister' wellness plan -
As well as memberships, we also treat our clients to loyalty rewards, and referral rewards!
Every 5th treatment in the studio is 1/2 Price!
Conditions: For every full price visit to the studio, you will receive a stamp on your loyalty card, with every 5th treatment at 1/2 price.
-Your 1/2 price treatment is not valid with Shirodhara Massage, or for those on memberships, plans, or mobile services.
-Your 1/2 price visits cannot be redeemed in conjunction with any other offer/reward/discount/membership.
-1/2 price treatments must be used by the client that the loyalty card belongs to, and are not interchangeable between clients.