Life Guidance Tarot Reading - Email (2-3 types pages)

Life Guidance Tarot Reading - Email (2-3 types pages)

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These readings are designed to tap into the current vibrations and energies in your life, to provide you with insightful and inspiring guidance, and to look into what is surrounding you at current time. Your strengths, blocks, and how to navigate forward. My readings are guidance based, and as such... are designed to assist you in navigating challenges, decisions, choices, worries, concerns, and directions in your life.

Whether it be general life guidance that interests you... or a reading focused more on a specific area... for example...

-gentle, nurturing reading surrounding self love and care,
-your spiritual path,
-or another life journey you are currently traveling...

I am here to share this space with you, and aim to provide you with clarity, guidance, and healing.


You will receive a 2 - 3 typed page email with a beautiful image of your card layout and reading space. As I take readings very seriously, I do not like to rush them, and I will only perform them when I can dedicate uninterrupted, peaceful time. Readings can take anywhere from 1-5 business days.


-Your name in which you choose to go by.

-The email address you'd like your reading sent to.

-The area/question in which you need guidance with.


***It is important to note that I prefer not to delve into subjects that I feel that are best suited to the professionals in the specific fields - health issues, legal issues, and financial advice.

***I am required to state that this reading is for guidance purposes only, it is not designed to be used as a replacement for professional health, financial, or legal advice/evaluation.

***These is a guidance and coaching style reading, NOT a psychic/predictive/fortune telling style reading, or mediumship.