17 - Infrared Sauna 6pk (save $40)

17 - Infrared Sauna 6pk (save $40)

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6pk Infrared Sauna (save $40)

-45 minutes of uninterrupted, quiet time in the sauna.
-A further 15 minutes to dry, dress and relax in the healing room after your sauna.
-Aromatherapy in the sauna with a selection of quality essential oils, prepared and custom mixed for you on the day to suit your needs, as well as chromotherapy (colour light therapy).
-Bluetooth connectivity.
-A bottle of water or coconut water, or herbal tea.

Sit back and relax in the warm, soft embrace of our Infrared Sauna. The healing room is yours. Your own private oasis. We invite you to browse our many oracle/tarot card decks, and books. These are available to you, just outside the sauna, at your convenience. Bluetooth connectivity is also available for you.

Enjoy the healing properties of your custom mixed aromatherapy oil, designed to nurture you in whatever way you need today.

We provide you with your choice of water, tea, or coconut water, as your nourish your body, and stay hydrated.

Or simply dim the lights, and tune out with the soft glow of the salt lamps nearby.

Enjoy your time...

After purchasing this treatment with Humm, please head to our online booking page, to book your treatment in. In your booking, please mention in the notes section that you have paid via Humm.