Raw Natural Smoky Quartz Chunk
Raw Natural Smoky Quartz Chunk

Raw Natural Smoky Quartz Chunk

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These nice, solid chunks are perfect for those wanting strong, but affordable pieces of natural smoky quartz in their collection!

Please note, this listing in for *ONE* chunk of smoky quartz, intuitively chosen by me, for you. If you would like more than 1 piece, please chose a different quantity.

Each piece measures approximately between 5cms - 8cms wide.

Like Mother Earth's soil, a wisp of smoke, and the brown waters of newly filled dams... smoky quartz connects us with the earth... the ground, and nature.

For this reason, Smoky Quartz comes second to none where grounding and protection are concerned, this crystal, ranging from light to deep brown, protects you in both your physical and spiritual realms, and provides the grounding we need to keep our lives balanced.

This can be incredibly useful for those who find themselves frustrated, anxious, nervous, and scattered. Smoky Quartz of an energetic vibration that can assist in bringing you 'back down to earth', and balance your jittery energies.