‘Heart’ Decorative Candle (made to order)
‘Heart’ Decorative Candle (made to order)
‘Heart’ Decorative Candle (made to order)

‘Heart’ Decorative Candle (made to order)

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This incredibly unique candle boasts the very cool shape of a heart!

Choose from 9 colours, and 7 scents.

Colours: Red, purple, violet, burgundy, aquamarine, black, green, orange, and raspberry.


Potion Room (mint, bergamot, grape)

Incense Shop  (frankincense and myrrh, nag champa)

Cauldron Fire (woodsmoke, exotic woods, dragons blood, black cherry)

Spell Book (frankincense and myrrh, sandalwood and vanilla, patchouli)

Black Magic (opium, sandalwood and vanilla, mint bergamot)

Love Spell (rose, Geranium, lavender)

Fae Party (absinthe, strawberry, fairy floss)


Please note:

These candles are made to order, please allow 1 - 2 weeks for creation.

These candle are handmade, and are not mass produced. Therefor, even though every care is taken, due to their handmade nature there may be quirks and inconsistencies (frosting, bubbles, small cracks ect)

These are decorative candles, and most of us will not burn them. Should you chose to burn them, please burn on a heat proof dish, and please be aware that due to their shape, there may be wax left over after fully burnt. These are great for breaking off to use as wax melts! No wastage!

Some 'frosting' may occur, especially in darker colours.