'Protect It, Piper' - Black Witch Salt + crystal
'Protect It, Piper' - Black Witch Salt + crystal
'Protect It, Piper' - Black Witch Salt + crystal

'Protect It, Piper' - Black Witch Salt + crystal

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Handmade from the Highlands witch herself, this range of spell and ritual blends, lovingly takes form within the cauldron and mortar & pestle in the Highlands studio.

Inspired by her own spell work and ingredients, and made to order, your blend is created under ritual, infused with specific intention, and reiki energy.

Each blend in this range bears the name of a well known witch or goddess... whether it be from a popular TV show, or mythical story.

Protect it, Piper: 30g bag (approx)

This Black Witch Salt takes form not only using my own blend of salt, spices, charcoal, herbs, florals, and oils... but also the ashes from my seasoned spell and ritual cauldron.

Black Witch Salt is a highly potent, fiercely protective staple ingredient in many witches arsenal.

Traditionally used in protection rituals to drive away ill intent, and energetic intrusion.... think of it as your energetic guard dog!

Incorporate your salt around areas in which you desire energetic protection. This could be in a pouch under your pillow to ward off nightmares, in a jar on your work desk to discourage gossip and nastiness, even a pinch in your floor wash water to protect your home as you do your housework. A simple black salt circle around objects or spaces is also a very traditional use of this tool.

A black tourmaline Crystal is included in this mix to magnify the protective properties of the blend.

Black witch salt absorbs the energy in which it protects you from, and as such should be replaced on a regular basis, or as your intuition guides you to.


*Under Etsy’s rules, this product is sold as a curio for entertainment purposes only, as results cannot be guaranteed.